Coaching and training: developing your marketing expertise

Some of the highlights of my career have been working with visionary entrepreneurs to help turn their dreams into reality, and coaching talented young leaders to achieve their personal goals.

From 1:1 coaching and mentoring to small in-house workshops, my approach is driven by values and measured by data.

My coaching is informed by my broad commercial experience and is focused on helping you to develop the marketing and business development skills needed to achieve your business and career goals.

B2B marketing in 2021: what will good look like?

0900-1000 September 30th. How will the events of 2020 impact on what ‘good’ B2B marketing will look like in 2021, and what should we be doing now to prepare?

In this fast-paced session, I will provide practical advice based on my own experience and the predictions of some of the world’s leading marketing strategists.

Bounce Back Marketing coaching programme

1:1 coaching programme for entrepreneurs and senior marketers.

Marketing in difficult times presents new challenges, particularly around timing and tone of voice. Get it wrong and we risk tarnishing our brand and credibility. Get it right and we can leapfrog our competitors.

Draw on my experience of previous recessions to help you navigate through the COVID-19 crisis and and economic downturn.

Work with me to lead your teams into a stronger future.

Client management in a crisis: planning for a post COVID-19 future

We all want to build profitable, long-term relationships with our clients, but how do we do this in times of crisis? 

What advice should we be giving our clients, and what should we be doing now to protect our own position?

In this webinar I provide some practical advice based on my experience of times of economic turbulence going back to the 1980s.

Delivering your marketing plan in times of change

In times of rapid change, or in a crisis, do normal rules apply? How do we respond when our objectives – and budgets – are shifting, sometimes on a daily basis?

This webinar offers practical advice based on my experience of times of economic turbulence going back to the 1980s.

Focus and execution masterclass for B2B marketers

Streamlined strategy and purposeful tactics: a practical half day marketing workshop for B2B business leaders and marketing professionals

High impact marketing for professional services

High-impact marketing and business development workshop for business development and marketing professionals in legal, financial services and consultancy firms.

High impact technology marketing

High impact workshop for founders, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals in technology companies.